Beth Mota, Rising Vlogger of Gen C.


Have you ever heard of Bethany Mota? I certainly haven’t until recently, while I was surfing the web endlessly on a search for something to write about on this blog. This vlogger uploaded her first video in 2009 when she was just 14 years old and has been rising in popularity ever since. Today, she has over 405 million views and 5.5 million subscribers. Late last year, clothing retailer Aeropostale teamed up with Mota to create Mota’s own fashion line. Many sources have estimated that Mota now makes over $40,000 each month from video ads alone.


Bethany Mota can thank her huge success to the younger generation- her videos are mainly viewed by tweens born around the millennium. Teens aged 12 to 17 love the internet and social media, their favorite being YouTube with 45% of the vote. They are on the site more than Faceboook by 30 percent!


Eighty percent of these millennials make up what is known as Generation C, which is YouTube’s core audience. Google’s marketing tool Think Insights explains that Gen C, is not necessarily an age group, but rather a term describing those who “care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community.”

Check out this study by Think Insights to learn more on what Generation C is about. The following video provides additional detailed information on Gen C backed by interesting statistics. With the rise of this new generation, we can expect a corresponding rise in interconnectivity through the web.


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